Dear Graham,

I just had to write to let you know how much better my life is now thanks to your expertise after prescribing and me with the Phonak CROS hearing device.

This very clever wireless system now lets me hear things from a transmitter in my right ear (which is nearly completely “dead”), routing the sounds to a hearing aid in my left ear with the help of Bluetooth technology. I find both devices very comfortable to wear due to the custom-made shells you fitted me with.

At last I can hear sounds I have been unable to hear for ages! I really didn’t realise how bad my hearing was getting, and It wasn’t until my wife recommended you after you had removed a wax blockage from her ear, that I decided to see if you could help me.

I would recommend the Phonak CROS system and also yourself, to anyone who has hearing difficulties. Thanks to your skill in diagnosing and fitting me with the correct hearing devices, I am now able to hear again.

Thank you very much for all the kind help you and your practice have given me.

Yours sincerely

A.G. (Polegate)