‘Thanks so much for my bluetooth hearing aids. I’m now paired up with the TV, my mobile and the partner-mic and life is transformed. The huge difference is the mobile – just being able to hold a normal conversation without constantly asking the other person to repeat themselves or making a guess at what they said.’

S. McBride

Good Morning Graham

Just wanted to say that I had my hearing aids serviced/cleaned yesterday, new plastic tubes fitted and I bought new batteries.

I was served by Linda (you will know which one was working yesterday) and Jackie was there also. Your staff are amazing and I left with better hearing and very happy.

They are always wonderful but sometimes it is easy to forget to tell them how much their kindness and thoughtfulness can mean. So please pass on my thanks and gratitude.

Best regards Debbie – Eastbourne

We have been very pleased with the service, wonderful hearing aid and aftercare, including connecting Mr H to his iPad for music listening through his new hearing aid. A whole new world of good hearing and music has now opened up for my husband!

Mr & Mrs H, Eastbourne

As a busy NHS surgeon I was unaware how much impact losing hearing in one ear would have on my ability to communicate with patients and staff. Standard hearing aids helped but once I had seen Graham Sperring it became clear how much more was available.

I was immediately impressed but his understanding of the problem and his careful explanation of what could be achieved by modern technology. My hearing is still far from normal but noisy situations are now much easier to navigate.

Graham has sound knowledge and huge knowledge of sound – I would recommend that anyone who is looking for expert advice and needs to gain the maximum from what is currently available should seek his help.

Jamie Buchanan Hearing loss in one ear Feb 2016: Appointment with Eastbourne Hearing Centre Feb 2019


I have an inherited form of deafness that over the years had slowly grown worse to the point where I was struggling with most social situations; bluffing my way through with lip-reading. As someone who has made a living from having good communication skills, this was devastating. I was recommended to Graham Sperring at the Eastbourne Hearing Centre by a medical specialist.

Graham talked me through a range of different hearing aids, but because I preferred something quite discreet, I chose a Phonak aid which is a tiny custom-made piece that fits completely into the ear canal and has become such a natural fixture that I often forget to take it out. I can now hear extremely well in almost all situations, and my confidence has returned. I also don’t have to have televisions and sound systems turned up to the max any more for which my husband is grateful.

I highly recommend Graham’s vast experience and the speed with which tests and fittings were carried out and also the excellent follow-up service. Although there are now several high street stores offering hearing aids, I doubt very much that they could offer the same level of accessories and service. On top of that, Graham is an extremely genial professional who, most of all, takes the anxiety out of coming to terms with deafness. Many of those suffering it, myself included, feel this is a disability for which there is often less recognition and tolerance and, sadly, the deaf are often the butt of jokes and ridiculed. I have some experience of that myself. Many people will put off til the last minute the business of sorting their disability. I did. Now that I have worn a hearing aid for a while, I only wish I had had the courage to do it sooner. It would have made life so much easier.

I can’t thank Graham and his team enough. In a world where service and integrity seem to be overlooked in favour of fast fixes, this family run business in Eastbourne stands apart and I would urge anyone who needs help with a hearing issue to use its services. You won’t be disappointed.

MM, Rye, East Sussex


Thanks for your email. Everything seems to be good; both aids working well with little or no interference. I put them to the test this weekend streaming “Vanity Fair” on the TV and found I could hear the dialogue much more easily than I ever could before; so much so that I was able to have a really good nit pick about how awful it was. Very satisfying! Many thanks for all your help. Best wishes.

Mrs S H


“Wow, What a Difference!”

Please don’t reply but wow, what a difference (to hearing & mood) my mother’s new hearing aid has made. Twice recently she has said the telly is too loud when it’s perfect for me! Brilliant. Thanks.

Geoff S


“Phonak Hearing Instruments of choice!

I have had a hearing loss all of my life. Over time I learnt to adapt, seemingly unaware of what I was actually missing. In my business I had noticed that board meetings were especially difficult and I had to concentrate very hard to hear conversation – especially when not facing the speaker. Realising I was missing some elements of conversation, I needed some advice. I took the decision to have a hearing test in a high street branch of a well known store. The whole experience was impersonal – I was just part of a process, the end result only to sell something that I actually didn’t want.

Wisely, I took a second opinion at an independent hearing specialist – The Eastbourne Hearing Centre. The whole experience was totally different, from the greeting and warm welcome to the skill and expertise of Graham Sperring. The Eastbourne Hearing Centre has been providing excellence since 1948 and it not difficult to see why. Graham Sperring is a first class hearing specialist who afforded me the best independent advice and patient care.

Graham has immense patience and offered guidance on the best solution for my hearing loss and also for my busy work and lifestyle. There were several factors that weighed into my decision and in the end the right choice was made – Phonak B-R 90s. These discrete, hearing instruments are rechargeable, which is hugely convenient and removes the stress and worry of a battery failing through a meeting. I combined the Phonak B’s with the Compilot II to allow streaming of mobile, television and audio.

It wasn’t until I was fitted with Phonak B-R’s that I realised how life changing an improved hearing can be. Speech is clear and crisp and I feel more relaxed in business meetings, social occasions and leisure pursuits. Hearing is a vital part of who we are, my story is no different to others. I’m delighted with the important step I took in October 2016, from that moment onwards I knew I was in experienced professional hands.”

J M.F.
Company Director


“With much appreciation for the help with supplying me with a hearing aid and of course for your patience and time. Will look forward to appointments in the future.”

J B Eastbourne


“Dear Mr Sperring

I’m so very grateful to you for spending so much time testing my ears and alerting me to the probability of Otosclerosis, and to the fact that it was an operable condition available on the NHS.

Thank you for recommending and writing to Simon Baer on my behalf. He was really super and agreed to doing a stapedectomy before he retired from the NHS. He of course did a brilliant job and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result!

It was the initial time and trouble you took with me which effectively removed the logjam of frustration I had been experiencing and which led to this happy outcome.

Thank you so much!

With best wishes

P M Eastbourne



I thought I would drop you a line to commend you on the excellent service you provided, through the step by step process of hearing examination and choice of hearing aids, and what distinguishes you and your practice from the rest, is the first class after-sales service. It seems to me that nothing is too much trouble and you made me feel as if I was your number one customer. Well done and thank you.

G M (Appledore, Kent)


“Hi Graham

Just wanted to thank you for your time, patience and advice today. Very much appreciated and confirmation, (if it was really needed!) of the excellent customer service I have always experienced. Thank you

First experience of viewing the television tonight resulted in reducing the volume by 20% and no background hiss.

Thank you.”

N.M. Burgess Hill


“I just had to write to let you know how much better my life is now thanks to your expertise after prescribing and me with the Phonak CROS hearing device.” (More…)

A.G. Polegate


“Dear Sirs

Just a line to let you know how pleased I am with the mobile phone I purchased from you. It is lovely to be able to hear people now. It is very clear.

Thanking you.”

J.W.T. Eastbourne


“I just want to thank you for the excellent service that you and your team continually give to me year in and year out.” (More…)

M.C. Seaford



“I realised on my very first visit that I had at last discovered an unbeatable hearing service which has made such an unbelievable difference to my life”

S.D. East Sussex



“May I say how much we both deeply appreciate the way in which you offer your assistance. It is so reassuring to have someone like you to help with my mother’s hearing problems”

M.H. Brighton



“I am writing to thank you and your colleagues for the tremendous understanding, help and assistance you have shown my mother”

B.R Eastbourne



“The new hearing aid is working perfectly. Thank you for your time and expertise”

P.B. Ditchling



“I thought you would be pleased to know that my two Widex hearing aids are working perfectly and I have at last realised my ambition to be able to wear hearing aids without being conscious of them all the time!

B.C. Lewes



“The hearing aid does seem a remarkable piece of equipment but of course it has to be fitted to people who, like me, could initially be a little apprehensive about the procedure. This is where all at The Eastbourne Hearing Centre must take a bow, because any concerns I may have had were sorted out with a great mix of understanding, professionalism and above all (for me anyway), good humour”

J.H. Tenterden



“Following the acquisition of a Phonak Hearing aid, the 40% hearing in the left ear has improved to 80% which effectively matches the hearing in the other ear. It is absolutely wonderful to have regained my hearing to this extent and the first concert that I went to after the fitting was an experience which I never expected to be able to fully appreciate again”.

R.P. Eastbourne

Please note, all of the above are extracts from letters on display at our practice