Our Service To You

At your first consultation, we begin by getting to know you. We complete a short questionnaire and encourage you to discuss any relevant matters you may wish to mention. We also discuss your lifestyle, which will have a bearing on the type of hearing instrument selected.

This is followed by a video otoscopic examination of the ear canal to check for any abnormalities including wax blockage etc. This is a painless procedure which many clients find interesting.

A hearing test is then performed which involves listening to various sounds Two graphs (audiograms) are then obtained, demonstrating the degree of hearing loss which will be clearly explained to you.

This is then followed by a discussion regarding the style of hearing instruments available and you will be shown examples. Custom-made instruments usually take 14 days to manufacture whilst other models can be supplied more quickly.

To ensure your total satisfaction, all of our instruments are available on a one-month trial.