Hearing Loss – The Spiral of Sound

Gorgeous photo of a human cochlea, taken by a scientist, Ronald Pouyo, from the University of Liege, Belgium. Click here to view it. The picture is called “Spiral of Sound.” Pouyo wrote:

“This is a picture of a cochlea I dissected and labelled by immunohistochemistry. After that the cochlea was clarified and the picture was taken with a Light-sheet microscope. The inner ear shelters the cochlea, a spiral of cells whose role is to capture the air vibration through the hair cells (labelled in red). These unique cells convert sounds into electrical signals that are relayed to the brain via the neuronal fibers (labelled in green). All the other cell nuclei are labelled in blue. I consider myself lucky to be able to work on such a beautiful and complex structure, which has yet to be fully understood.”

Published Date: 20th June 2019