Ear Wax Removal in Eastbourne – Good Wax, Bad Wax

Ear wax in normal quantities is healthy and completely harmless. It is a natural golden-coloured secretion formed by the ceruminous and the sebaceous glands within the outer third of the ear canal. It also contains skin cells which are constantly being shed by the ear in the self-cleaning process. The wax and tiny hair follicles at the ear canal entrance trap dust and debris in an effort to protect the deeper, more delicate structures such as the ear drum.

….   but when things go wrong!

Listed below are all symptoms that can be associated with excessive ear wax build-up and a sign that you may need to consider ear wax removal.

ear wax removal Eastbourne

If you are aware of any of the symptoms above then it may be time to have your ears checked as apart from the discomfort element, excessive ear wax left untreated may lead to problems with ear infection.

Wax blockage may occur because:-

  • It has become caught in a clump of hair within the ear canal
  • It is particularly dry and so struggles to move along the canal
  • Your ear canal is narrow
  • You frequently wear ear plugs which can push the wax down the canal
  • You’ve been underwater e.g.  swimming or showering, and the wax has expanded
  • Wax hardens with age

Can someone help me?

Yes, our fully trained Clinical Ear Care Practitioner can help you with safe, effective wax removal in Eastbourne. The consultation includes taking any relevant history, examination of both ears and he will then advise on the best method to safely remove all wax from either or both ears. Contact us today for more information about ear wax removal and ear care.


Published Date: 13th May 2021