Experience Immersive Sound at The Eastbourne Hearing Centre with HyperSound Clear by Turtle Beach

Hypersound clear 1

The Eastbourne Hearing Centre is really excited to be involved in a new and innovative direction of hearing care.  HyperSound Clear™ is a one-of-a-kind personal direct audio solution that generates an ultrasound beam through the air providing a completely immersive, clear and crisp 3-D sound effect, similar to wearing headphones.

With one step a listener can enter or exit a zone of fully intelligible sound, experiencing a difference in aural perception as abrupt as if they’d flipped on a power switch. HyperSound™ speakers project a sound beam to a precisely targeted location, creating a private listening zone in any room.

The audio technology, originally meant for enhancing the virtual reality experience for gamers has now developed into a technology that can benefit people with hearing loss too. We have tried this immersive experience for ourselves and would love to hear what you think of it after experiencing it in our office.

Hypersound clear 2

Where to Buy HyperSound Clear™

HyperSound Clear™ speakers are not supplied by retailers and are only available through approved healthcare providers such as The Eastbourne Hearing Centre. It requires programming and personalisation to individual hearing profiles. However, unlike hearing aids HyperSound Clear™ does not require fitting on or inside the ear.

How HyperSound Clear Helps Those with Hearing Loss

HyperSound Clear™ is ideal for individuals experiencing a mild to moderate hearing loss. As indicated by clinical research, it improves sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss significantly. The focused ultrasound beam delivers rich, detailed, clear audio directly to the individual without the need for headphones, neckloops or interrupting others in the room.