The Eastbourne Hearing Centre

The Eastbourne Hearing Centre is a wholly independently owned and run hearing healthcare centre, registered with the Hearing Aid Council for your wellbeing and protection. Our experience spans 60 years, with thousands of satisfied clients having improved hearing thanks to our efforts together with that of our worldwide manufacturers. We are a small close-knit team with a passion for helping people with hearing problems. You are most welcome to visit our centre to discuss with one of us, how we can help you gain improved quality of life through better hearing.

We can and will:

  • Test your hearing accurately and efficiently using the most up to date technology available.
  • Select with an unbiased opinion, the most appropriate and efficient hearing system to suit your needs.
  • Always assess your progress with any new hearing instrument.
  • Reassess you regularly to adjust for any changes in your hearing.

Published Date: 8th February 2012

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