Chance Meeting Saved Businesswoman’s Life!

Article Oct 25 2013A chance meeting in a car showroom helped save the life of an Eastbourne woman who didn’t realise that a ringing in her ear and periodic falls were caused by a brain tumour.

Christina Ewbank, now the head of the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce but at the time working as a sales director for Mercedes-Benz Sussex, met Graham Sperring, the Director of Audiology at The Eastbourne Hearing Centre in South Street at the car showroom and told him of her symptoms.

He was concerned that the tinnitus which Christina could hear even while listening to loud music, was only in one ear and urged her to go for an MRI scan which revealed a tumour the size of a walnut wrapped around the acoustic nerve from the right ear.

Surgery followed and the benign tumour was removed, but due to its size long term damage was done to Christina’s facial nerves and she is also now completely deaf in one ear.

She believes Graham saved her life and is urging anyone who is worried to get treatment sooner rather than later.

“The good news is that thanks to Graham Sperring I am still here and no further damage was done” says Christina. “Had I left it any longer serious brain damage could have occurred or I could have even died. I would recommend that if anyone has anything wrong with any part of their body, don’t live with it. See the doctor and then take their advice”.

Published Date: 25th October 2013