Titanium is the new black

It’s an exciting time in the realm of hearing instruments. Not only are electronic components getting smaller and hearing performance increasing, but the use of new innovative materials are being utilized, introducing new possibilities.

While traditional hearing instruments are made of acrylic and other composites, advancements in technology have allowed for a new material to hit the market……enter Titanium.

Terrific Titanium

Phonak Titanium

Phonak Titanium

Renowned for being extremely durable and light-weight, titanium is used for various premium products such as high performance vehicles, watches and aircraft and even in the medical industry for surgical implants – so why not use this resourceful material to build a hearing instrument?

Well, thanks to its properties, titanium makes for an optimal material for in-the-ear hearing instruments – which sit inside the ear canal. Why? Being 15-times stronger than acrylic shells, titanium allows for a hearing instrument shell to be built as thin as a piece of paper, reducing its size significantly.

The art of discretion

Because many hearing aid wearers are concerned about their hearing aids being visible, in-the-ear hearing aids are created to remain out of sight. Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak now brings a new addition to our extensive portfolio that offers a super discreet fit along with excellent hearing performance. Custom-made to perfectly fit individual ears and personal hearing needs, our new Titanium hearing instrument is created from medical grade material using a sophisticated 3D-printing technology – making it one of the smallest hearing instruments ever produced.

So if you’re looking for a device that is super discreet and built to withstand the hard knocks that life can bring, then try Titanium….the new black!

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