Spectacle Instruments

Detail Specification:

Spectacle Instrumentsla belle – the beautiful one la belle is unique, individual and exclusive. Ideal for people who have both feet on the ground and who have professional or personal reasons for valuing a discreet and elegant solution with a natural feeling of hearing.

The question: Spectacles or hearing instrument?

Spectacle and hearing instruments are worn above the ear. The question we asked ourselves: Can the two devices be combined, so making the spectacles into a single vision and hearing system? The answer: The answer is la belle. Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished, the additional use being made of your spectacles is almost imperceptible, but the difference can certainly be heard. As the position of your spectacles on your head is something you are already used to, the hearing system is quickly forgotten. The result A unique hearing system which is individual, exclusive and comfortable to wear, making it agreeably different from other hearing systems. la belle CL la belle CL differs from traditional hearing systems by placing the receiver in the auditory canal of the ear-drum. The result: natural hearing and precise understanding. Basic, Comfort or Premium You can choose between three la belle systems: • BASIC • COMFORT • PREMIUM The difference between these systems lies in their sound image and in their technical specifications.