Custom in the Ear

Custom in The Ear Hearing Aids

Detail Specification

In-the-Ear devices are a custom-made product that fills the bowl of the ear and some portion of the ear canal. A broad range of circuit or chip designs are available that allow these devices to be used in individuals with a mild to severe hearing loss. These devices are easy to manipulate for those with poor vision or manual dexterity problems.

In-the Canal aids are smaller than ITE’s but fit in the outer portion of the ear canal only. ITC’s are suitable for patients with an adequate sized ear canal, mild to moderate hearing loss, and without humidity or skin problems of the ear.

Completely-in-the-Canal aids are the smallest devices available and are cosmetically desirable because they fit deep into the canal and take advantage of the ear’s natural resonance and shape. Most patients are able to use these hearing aids with the telephone without experiencing “whistle” or feedback. CIC’s reqire good manual dexterity, a normal outer ear canal and no medical conditions that would prevent their use. CIC’s require a precise fit as they are seated deeply within the ear canal.