Question: Why Buy a Hearing Aid?
Answer  : A hearing aid can be provided free through the National Health Service, however there is often a very lengthy waiting list. With the NHS there is no choice in the make, model or style of the device. Purchasing privately through an independent dispenser opens up the widest choice available with little or no wait until you receive the benefit of better hearing.
Question: What happens at my first appointment?
Answer  : Together we will take some background information to help us ascertain the cause of your hearing problems and to find out whether any further medical investigations are required by a General Practitioner or Ear Nose & Throat Consultant. A thorough hearing test and assessment will be carried out which most find interesting and which is also totally painless. You are more than welcome to have a friend or relative present throughout this initial consultation.
Question: If I choose to purchase hearing aids, what happens next?
Answer  : You will be fitted usually within 2-3 weeks and a comprehensive aftercare programme will be arranged to ensure you are completely comfortable with your new hearing devices. During this time you will be assisted with readjusting into the world of better hearing which is essential to help you get the very best out of your new hearing aid.
Question: How much will this cost?
Answer  : The initial hearing test and consultation is entirely free. The cost of the instrument will depend on your type and degree of hearing loss, and which instrument is dispensed, but to give you an idea, our range starts from £495 through to £2500 per instrument depending on the level of technology within the chosen model.
Question: Do you offer a trial period?
Answer  : Yes. Our trial period lasts for one month. Once we have decided on the instrument, it normally takes us 2-3 weeks to prepare it. It will then be fitted and adjusted accordingly, so that you can go out wearing it straight away. At this stage we ask you to pay for it in full with a written guarantee that should it not suit you, we will change it for an alternative on the same terms, or we will provide a refund.