Ear Care at the Eastbourne Hearing Centre

At The Eastbourne Hearing Centre we are fully qualified to advise on all ear conditions and can perform safe and effective earwax removal. Should your ear condition require medical treatment, we can liaise directly with your GP or ENT Consultant.

Treatment For Wax Blockage.

Examination using a special instrument known as a Video Otoscope is the best way of determining the cause of a blocked ear. If the obstruction is due to wax, then the use of a little olive oil followed by the gentle removal using special instruments and/or careful irrigation with warm water will be the answer. This will result in the complete removal of all wax deposits and the restoration of hearing to the previous levels. Irrigation, however cannot be carried out if there is any history of perforation to the eardrum.

Where do I go for advice?

Most hearing centres in the area are really only interested in selling hearing aids. At The Eastbourne Hearing Centre we cover the entire spectrum of ear and hearing healthcare.