The Benefits of Using an AIHHP Member


If you use an AIHHP Approved Centre you are guaranteed of the highest standards in Hearing Aid Provision, because the centre is run by an AIHHP member who must adhere to a strict code of practice (which includes ethics and competence) and equipment level in order to maintain membership.

How AIHHP Works

Only Practice Owners or Practice Managers can be an AIHHP Member, because they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Practice is maintaining the high standards set by AIHHP.

The Practice Owner has an obligation to ensure that all hearing aid audiologists working at their practice are also maintaining the standard required by AIHHP. This means that whoever you see at an AIHHP Approved Centre will provide you with the same level of ethical care, expertise and ongoing support.

How AIHHP Maintains Standards

1. Practice Owners can only become an AIHHP Member if they are invited to do so by an existing Member, and the reason for the invitation would be that they are already demonstrating a level of service to their clients that is in keeping with AIHHP’s own high standards.

2. Once invited to join AIHHP they are then subjected to peer evaluation to ensure that they meet the necessary standards before being admitted.

3. If an AIHHP Member is believed to have fallen short of the required standard in any way, they must be able to demonstrate that they have put things right according to the satisfaction of other AIHHP Members or their membership will cease.

4. In order to protect and preserve the good name of AIHHP, AIHHP has a proper complaints procedure in place for use by clients of AIHHP Members who may be concerned that an a Member is not acting in accordance with AIHHP’s high standards. We trust you will never have to use it, but we believe it is important to have the facility to ensure you are always able to trust the name of AIHHP.

AIHHP Members Obligations

  • AIHHP Members must operate from a full-time permanently staffed centre.
  • All AIHHP Centres must be equipped with the latest technology to ensure precision in fittings.
  • AIHHP Members must be independent and offer impartial, unbiased advice.
  • AIHHP Members must demonstrate the highest ethical standards.
  • AIHHP Members must take part in mandatory educational training programs which are in addition to those required by the statutory bodies to ensure they are up to date with the latest techniques and technology.
  • AIHHP Members must ensure their marketing and promotion does not contain any false claims, misleading information or give unrealistic expectations of what hearing aids can achieve.
  • AIHHP Members must be registered with the data protection registrar and ensure that clients’ personal information is treated with confidence and not passed on to any outside organisation.
  • AIHHP Members must ensure that all hearing aid audiologists working for them or on their behalf meet the same high standards required of AIHHP Members.

Other Advantages to You of Using an AIHHP Member

AIHHP Members can call on other Members for help, advice and support.

When you consult an AIHHP Member about your hearing, you are benefiting from their expertise and skill, underpinned by the expertise of the whole membership of AIHHP.

AIHHP Members are located throughout the UK, providing you with a network of support if you relocate or are on holiday or want to recommend someone.

AIHHP is recognised by hearing aid manufacturers for its high standards in hearing aid provision and often provide Members with additional benefits that can be passed on to their Clients.