About Us

Ask anybody who knows anything about hearing aids in Eastbourne and the name Sperring will crop up. Our practice was first established in 1948 above a chemist shop in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne. My father, Leslie Sperring, developed the practice over the next 40 years, moving it to its second home in Bolton Road.

The Eastbourne Hearing CentreIn 1990, after 10 years in the NHS , I joined the practice moving to larger premises at our current location in South Street. Here, I eventually took over the running of the centre and gradually over the years, introduced more and more up to date technology.

Having maintained independence from any manufacturer means that I am able to choose from a vast range of hearing aids, to ensure that when you come to my practice, you will be provided with the best: the best technology from the best manufacturer. Without bias.

I want each patient to be delighted with his or her new hearing. I want the experience of visiting us to be pleasurable, which is why my staff and I will always try our hardest to solve any problem with the minimum of fuss, and with politeness and kindness.

Graham Sperring